The Story

The tragic story of a steamship. Love, jealousy, whisky, coal, waves and hate. The best ingredients for a maritime epic. Ride into the tempestuous adventure. Click on the book.


Yes, yes, yes.. we communicate in english. For the big wide world outside of the german speaking part of Switzerland, we present our website in english. Enjoy!

Uncle Vernon, Auntie Mame, Uncle Violet, Uncle Biltmore or Uncle William… keep it in the family! Let’s dance the CEMETERY POLKA.
*we <3 who we are*

How about an ode to the magic of beauty… listen to our song BEAUTIFUL and feel the love.
*we <3 who we are*

The Band

In the Chinese Year of the Pig, after a night of drinking in a dark cellar in Zurich, the two wildly talented musicians Sir Webbster and Tingeltangel-Clerkman founded a band with the ideal line-up: Count Rufus on the drums.

Describing their music as museum-space-indie-pop-punk-rock and underground rock'n'roll, thE Dorks’ current sound is Nasty Folk, influenced by the great musicians Tom Waits, Primus, Kaizers Orchestra and John Frusciante!

One hundred years ago, the story of an unhappy love triangle unfolds on board the MS LUCY MARIE, and culminates in the tragic sinking of the ship! The uniqueness of Sir Webbsters voice combined with his virtuosity on the double bass, Count Rufus’ incredulous beats and the sounds of Tingeltangel-Clerkman's guitar turn the tragedy into reality and make every DorKs concert an unforgettable experience!




40 Years of Eisenwerk

40 years of „Eisenwerk“ and we support this great location. Be there with us to celebrate!

Venue: Eisenwerk, Industriestrasse 23, 8500 Frauenfeld
Start of concert: 9 p.m.

Past shows

There was already a rumble!



Es hat wohl gefallen… Wir kehren zurück ins Dreiegg Frauenfeld und sind hot darauf! Be there with us.

Venue: Dreiegg, Metzgerstrasse 4, 8500 Frauenfeld
Start of concert: 9 p.m.

Through the years